Creating the 21st century solutions through research & technological development..

We use technological means to provide lasting solutions to business challenges and transform crazy ideas into products that last

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We are disrupting the status quo

Cyclebreeze is a Research and Development company that is built to identify and solve problems, optimize already existing processes and improve products. Through R&D, we are able to design new products for companies and improve existing ones

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Our Services

We create ideal digital solutions for businesses

Our services border around solving challenges businesses inevitably face. From brand design, to business development, to product and web development, we are driven by the desire to help businesses reach their full potential.

cyclebreeze is unique

We are not just another B2B company

we are so much more.


Energetic Team

Our success is reliant on the brilliance and energy of our team, who combine a passion for solving problems with a hefty dose of business know-how to deliver excellent work in return.

result oriented

Personalized solutions

Templates? No way. We customize plans and curate strategies tailored to fit the unique goals and needs of each business we work with.



We are always building something. This is because the world is constantly changing, and to create modern solutions we have to constantly develop fresh ideas and new leads. Also having the Research and Development background, innovation is a piece of cake for us.


Timely delivery

Integrity matters to us and so we always ensure to keep to our word, especially with deadlines. We pride ourselves in consistently delivering work that exceeds client expectations and make them come back

recent projects

We've done some really cool stuff

So far, we have designed products, ranging from hardware to software, that are designed to help people live better and more productive lives.

Building a network of innovative minds.

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spak africa

Start your journey towards actualizing your dreams.

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cyclebreeze pmt

A performance and HR management tool.

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cyclebreeze pmt

An engaging online counseling and mentorship app

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Partners we have worked with

We worked with each one of these businesses, identified their challenges, worked our magic and gave them a 'happily ever after' type of story.